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  • 5 Tips for Reigniting the Passion in Your Nursing Career

    Are you feeling a little burned out and disengaged? If so, sounds like it is time to reenergize your work life and reignite your passion in healthcare. You’ve worked hard… Read more »

    Posted 9/18/2017

  • 4 Core Benefits of Utilizing FlexRN Staff

    When it comes to identifying quality healthcare talent, we’re unequaled and unmatched in service, success, and exceeding your expectations. We specialize in coordinating your opportunities with the absolute best candidates. The core… Read more »

    Posted 9/14/2017

  • 5 Relaxation Tips for Nurses

    While nursing is a rewarding profession, it can be mentally and physically draining. There are times when it is hard to give your body exactly what it needs. However, in… Read more »

    Posted 8/15/2017

  • 5 Fun Souvenir Ideas to Remember Each Assignment

    Souvenirs are a great way to hold onto the experiences you have as you tackle the country, one FlexRN nursing assignment at a time! Local art-Come home with a nice… Read more »

    Posted 8/11/2017

  • The Value of a FlexRN Recruiter

    Nurse recruiters may come in all shapes and sizes, but we like to think that the best ones aka “FlexRN recruiters” all possess the 5 crucial traits below. They are… Read more »

    Posted 7/31/2017