Interested in Correctional Nursing? We Have an Upcoming Orientation Class for New RN’s & LPN’s in Troy, VA

Job ID: 12957
Location: Troy, Virginia
Specialty: Correctional
Job Type: Registered Nurse
Placement Type: Correctional Nursing
Additional Info: If you are Interested in working in Corrections - let us know. We have an orientation coming up which will allow NEW RN's and LPN's to work at our facility in Troy, VA! The orientation class is on January 19th at 8am in Troy at the correctional center and lasts for 8 hours. Great way to get started in the correctional nursing field!
Contact Info: If you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity please call Staffing Specialist, Haley Cordle at: (866) 781-0726 or you can email her at: 

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