The Value of a FlexRN Recruiter

Posted 7/31/2017

Nurse recruiters may come in all shapes and sizes, but we like to think that the best ones aka “FlexRN recruiters” all possess the 5 crucial traits below.

  1. They are credible- Highly credible. Building credibility starts from the moment our recruiters interact with you. A great recruiter is someone people trust with their careers; we understand that in the competitive field of nurse placement, you as the candidate must know that your recruiter is different than all the rest.
  2. They understand the industry– FlexRN recruiters can always spot the perfect candidate for the job a mile off because they know the nursing industry and its requirements inside out.
  3. They remember what you like and don’t like- Recruiters who can remember the finer details are quicker to identify opportunities and positions that will fit each unique individual. Great recruiters spend an enormous amount of time understanding and learning about the people they meet. FlexRN recruiters take copious notes and track all interactions in our database because people are unique and so are their needs.
  4. They listen to you- A great recruiter listens twice as much as they speak. Our recruiters take the approach of, the more you listen to your candidate, the more you will find out. The more you ask them, the more you will know. Recruiting starts and ends with listening. If you don’t listen then you can’t deliver, and if you can’t deliver then you offer no value.
  5. They’re around when you need them- Need something? Anything? Your FlexRN recruiter is there, period.

With a FlexRN recruiter, the important thing to remember is that you’re not working with just a nurse staffing agency; you’re working with a team of people who have your back. You’re never just a number to us, you’re a friend.

Talk to a FlexRN recruiter today and get started on your next placement.




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