10 Reasons Why We Love Nurses

Posted 2/14/2019

FlexRN loves nurses and you should too! As the heart of healthcare, there are a million reasons that everyone should love nurses, but we’ve come up with our top ones to celebrate them this Valentine’s Day.

❤️ Nurses are regularly voted the most trusting of professions–and for good reason.

❤️ They’re tough and nurturing all at the same time.

❤️ Nurses have demanding schedules and an incredible work ethic.

❤️ They’re human and we know it, yet they somehow manage to be our superheroes.

❤️ Your nurse makes sure you’re heard when you need it most.

❤️ Even in our worst times, they make us feel our best.

❤️ They nurture our family members as if they were their own.

❤️ They literally run the unit—everyone else can just get out of their way.

❤️ Even when they’re off the clock, they’re nursing friends and family back to health.

❤️ They set out from the beginning of their careers to make a difference in our lives.

We are so thankful for nurses and all that they do not just for Valentine’s Day but every day all year round. What are some of the reasons you love nurses? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!