4 Common Myths of Temporary Nurse Staffing

Posted 4/27/2017

Hospitals and healthcare systems need to find the right mix of permanent and temporary nursing staff to provide quality care for patients and achieve financial efficiency. Myths about travel nurses have hindered healthcare facilities from creating the flexible staffing mix they need during events such as census fluctuations, seasonal differences, EMR projects and leaves or vacations. It’s time for us to debunk the myths. Here’s a look at some of the hesitations we hear most often, plus the real deal.

Myth #1: Agency Nurses are expensive.

This is probably the most common myth we hear. FlexRN is able to offer lower cost alternatives to direct recruitment and hire, and without the difficulty and burden of reviewing and training candidates. A study from the Journal of Nursing Care Quality has proved supplemental nurses are a great way to handle the ebbs and flows of business. Temporary nurses may also be more cost-effective than using overtime by permanent staff nurses, reducing staff burnout and fatigue. Adding temporary agency nurses can also help to stabilize a unit until it can improve its recruitment and retention of permanent staff.

Myth #2: Agency Nurses take too long to train.

All of our FlexRN travelers have a minimum of 2 years experience under their belts which means they can hit the ground running on their assignments. We have found that temporary nurses actually tend to have higher levels of education and more current educational experience. Our travelers see so many different environments that they become really adept at adjusting to new situations. We know how important it is to find the right fit for your facility so that it’s a good experience for both the employee and the employer. This is why we only provide vetted and committed healthcare professionals that you can depend on. FlexRN has the rapport and experience to bring a consistent and affordable solution to meet your needs.

Myth #3: Temporary agency RN’s only work for unskilled positions.

This is simply not true! Facilities come to us specifically because they need skilled and professional registered nurses. Our agency requires the same certifications and levels of education that hospitals do for their permanent staff employees. Along with basic certifications, our nurse travelers have additional certifications like NPR, PALS, CCRN, TCRN and more. Because of our commitment to hiring the best nursing professionals, we have been able to extend our business offerings to include even more specialized nurses:

  • Nursing clinical instructors and tutors
  • Meeting workplace safety and training regulations with healthcare providers on call
  • Nurses and other healthcare professionals at summer camps, booths, and festivals
  • School RN coverage
  • Staffing for flu clinics and other community health projects

Myth #4: Agency RN’s are less reliable.

Our nurses know they are there because the facility needs their help. They accept the job knowing the facility is counting on them, and they take that seriously, meaning they won’t treat your shift schedules casually. Same is true when we make an agreement to fill a position with your facility, we’re searching for individuals for you and you alone, so there’s no opportunity for a great candidate to get placed at another facility within our network.

No matter the uncertainty in your coverage needs, FlexRN has your back, offering healthcare professionals for Local Contract, Per Diem, Travel, and Permanent Placement.

(Ref: Beckers Hospital Review)

Get in touch and let us know what you need and any other myths you might have heard about agency RN’s. We’ll answer your questions and help you find the right solution for your facility.

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