4 Foot Care Hacks for Nurses

Posted 6/15/2017

Foot pain is the bane of every nurse’s existence. Even if you start your day with an infectious smile, being on your feet for an entire 12-hour shift can turn even the jolliest nurse into a grumpy one. Here are some hacks to nurse your feet back to good health.

1.) Pick the right shoes-Pick shoes that firmly grip your heels but also provide enough wiggle room for your toes. If possible, do the fitting at the end of the day or your shift when your feet are naturally bigger. This is to make sure you’ll end up with a pair of shoes that can accommodate your feet even if they swell, which is usually the case for nurses.

2.) Try compression socks-Compression socks don’t directly heal your achy feet, but they help prevent swelling by pushing the blood from your feet and legs back to the heart. By doing so, the old blood goes back to the circulation and is replaced by fresh, nutrient-rich blood necessary for muscle healing.

3.) Fight foot cramps with healthy snacks-Among the dietary suggestions for nurses, drinking 8 glasses of water and snacking on potassium-rich foods like banana are some of the most crucial. Without them, a nurse will experience dehydration which then manifests itself as foot cramps and other body discomforts.

4.) Alternate your shoes-Nurses are like runners. The more you use the same shoes day in and day out, the faster they will wear out. Ideally, nurses should have at least two pairs of shoes which they can alternate to keep the feet healthy and free from smells.  (Ref: nursebuff.com)

Your feet are a precious commodity as a nurse. You can’t care for your patients if you can’t get to them. Drop us a line at marketing@flexrn.com and share your own tips on how you take care of your tired and achy nurse feet.


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