4 New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Nurses

Posted 12/28/2018

It’s resolution time nurses! How will 2019 be different for you? As the holiday season ends, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year and think forward to the future.

Consider these four resolutions to make your professional journey amazing as a travel nurse in 2019:

Keep growing professionally

Invest in your career development by expanding your knowledge. Regardless of how many years of experience you have as a nurse there are always opportunities for growth and improvement. Strive to learn more by adding additional skills and certifications beyond what is required for your specialty, which can enhance your value as a nurse. You could also consider working on learning a new specialty or even furthering your education. These are all ways to make yourself more marketable, give your resume a boost, and really standout among the crowd.

Take on a brand-new opportunity

Maybe you’ve been working in locations you are familiar with, and perhaps it’s time to branch out and go on an adventure to somewhere new. Look at FlexRN’s job postings for some of our current options that might interest you or if you don’t see what you’re looking for there, give us a call directly to learn about other exciting opportunities that may not be listed yet at: 866.781.0726.

Vow to be healthy

It’s easy for nurses to get caught up with work when they often prioritize the health of their patients over their own. But it’s important to remember that taking care of yourself will make you a better nurse. Plus, isn’t life more enjoyable when you feel happy and good about yourself? Taking the extra time needed to plan an exercise routine and prepare healthy meals and snacks for your shifts will go a long way to help ensure good physical health. For your mental health, it’s important to find activities that work for you for relaxing after a long shift. This could include a hot bath, reading your favorite magazine, meditation, or just enjoying some fresh air outdoors, just remember that the goal is stress relief!

Finally get organized

Take some time to start the new year off by focusing on your nursing paperwork. Purge anything that you no longer need and then begin to gather the important stuff like your resume(s), professional license(s), educational and health documents, and any other paperwork necessary for travel nursing into an accordion file together. You could try putting everything onto a USB drive to have an electronic version for yourself as well. We also recommend an app called CamScanner which allows you to scan documents with your phone and convert them to PDFs that you can email, fax, or save to your cloud to print later. It’s perfect for sending us copies of your documents. You don’t have to get organized alone either when you’re a FlexRN nurse! Our compliance team is always happy to give you additional help at: compliance@flexrn.com.

Cheers to the new year ahead! Whatever your nursing goals for the New year may be, we wish you a successful, happy, and exciting 2019 from FlexRN!

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