4 Reasons to Consider Correctional Nursing with FlexRN

Posted 2/6/2018

Correctional nursing, the hidden specialty.

Correctional nursing is a specialty providing healthcare in jails, prisons, and juvenile confinement facilities. But outside of the specialty, few recognize the importance of correctional nurses in treating an under served and needy population. We believe that correctional nurses are the gatekeepers to getting inmates the health care they need. Here are some reasons to consider if you’ve thought about or are currently considering a career behind bars with FlexRN.


1. It is safer than you think

Many correctional nurses feel safer in this environment than working in traditional settings where security may be less vigilant. Inmates generally know the nurse could be the only human they will see for a long period of time, whose only goal is to help them, and they won’t often jeopardize that. Because there are always guards present, we find that correctional nursing is no less risky than other traditional nursing environments.

2. It is rewarding

There is an unending opportunity to do good for patients as a correctional nurse. You have the ability to provide equal care for these offenders. As a correctional nurse you have a significant impact for patient care and well-being. A correctional nurse can go home at the end of the day feeling that they served as an advocate for a vulnerable patient population. Many nurses consider it a great change of pace from traditional bedside nursing. Correctional nursing can also offer considerable potential for career advancement as nurses are in a position of power in correctional facilities.

3. It is largely an autonomous practice

If nurses want to be autonomous in their position, there’s probably no better setting than correctional nursing. In a correctional setting, nurses deal with a wide range of chronic and acute medical conditions. In a single day, for example, a nurse could treat everything from TB infections to broken bones to mental health issues. Correctional nurses have the potential to make a big difference in the lives of their patients. That’s because in many cases, nurses are the first (and sometimes only) healthcare provider an inmate sees.

4. It is a great way to advance your nursing skills

If you really want to be able to see a variety of health issues and improve your clinical skills, there is probably no better place to work than in corrections. If you’re also interested in continuing patient education, corrections is the best place to be.

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If you really are passionate about care and you really believe that people deserve care regardless of their circumstances, then corrections is a great place to make that happen. It is important to be someone who wants to serve the correctional population. It takes a special person to be a corrections nurse. Getting comfortable with the work environment and patient population in corrections can take time, and it’s truly not for everyone. Nevertheless we are happy that the specialty is increasingly getting some of the respect it deserves and we hope this trend continues.

If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about our correctional nursing openings, please contact us at: 866-781-0726.


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