4 Reasons to go for the greens on St. Patrick’s Day

Posted 3/16/2018

Think outside the artificial green food dye box this St. Patrick’s Day Nurses! Why not incorporate some greens into your diet for your overall health? Here are 4 reasons to go for the greens this holiday and every other day of the year.

1. Manage your weight.

Green leafy vegetables contain compounds known as thylakoids that trigger satiety signals in humans to help people regulate food intake, prevent weight gain, and promote weight loss.

2. Prevent cancer and heart disease.

Green foods are useful in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease since they are low in fat, high in dietary fiber, and rich in folic acid, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

3. Get rid of toxins.

Did you know that leafy greens may help remove toxins from the body? Kale, collards, spinach, and others are filled with a green pigment called chlorophyll, which aids the liver in removing environmental toxins from the body.

4. Good for your brain.

A recent study published in Neurology found that just one serving a day of leafy greens may slow brain aging, prevent dementia, and help preserve memory and thinking skills. Leafy greens are also an excellent source of B vitamins, which help our brain produce chemicals that affect our mood for the better which in return can lower depression.

(References: wvumedicine.org and fastmed.com)

We know this isn’t exactly the most Irish way to celebrate, but we’re considering it a new alternative. So go ahead and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with eating O’ the greens!

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