4 Travel Nurse Sites to Keep You Informed

Posted 11/12/2018

At FlexRN, we understand it can be a challenge finding relevant and up-to-date information pertinent to travel nursing, especially online. These websites are our top picks for keeping travel nurses informed.

Our top four websites for travel nursing are:

1. Travel Nursing Central
2. Highway Hypodermics
3. Indeed
4. Facebook

Travel Nursing Central

Established by a travel nurse in the early 2000’s, Travel Nursing Central focuses on those who are curious about a career in travel nursing by providing thorough information on finding the right recruiter, agency, housing, hospital, and other elements that contribute to a successful travel nurse career. The site aims to aims to provide all of the resources needed to effectively and efficiently navigate the travel nursing industry. You will find both agencies and hospitals listed, so you can see how your prospects stack up, and read fellow nurses’ advice and comments. Plus the ratings and reviews are never edited or impeded in any way, so you know they are legit!

Highway Hypodermics

Highway Hypodermics is the longest running informational website for travel healthcare, run by a practicing travel nurse with the goal of bridging the gap between traveling nurses and travel nurse companies. They offer extensive agency and hospital evaluations, agency and recruiter profiles, benefits comparison, and a Top 10 travel company list. Just as their website states, they really do provide the road-map for today’s traveling nurse.


Indeed is a large job search site that will take some time navigating to get to the goods, in terms of travel nursing openings. Driven by SEO and keywords, you will need to search your desired job title or description, and then by city, state, or zip code to see what openings might be available in the locations you’re seeking. If you’re looking for multiple locations, that does mean more search time, but the results you receive may prove to be worth it. You can also take advantage of reading employee reviews and salaries about the company posting a position you are interested in. We also opt for signing up for job alerts that notify you when there is a possible job match for a search you saved.


Facebook is continuing to be used in both the personal and professional setting. The website is being used more and more as a replacement for text messaging, event invitations, and business meetings. It can also be a seriously helpful tool when researching potential travel nurse agencies and hospitals. You really can get a good sense of a company’s culture by spending a little time on their Facebook company page and checking out their reviews, comments, and so forth. Plus, there are tons of travel nurse job groups to fit specialty, need, and location! The groups are growing each day too! We recommend joining a few of them and then connecting to new nurse buddies for great insight as well! While you’re there don’t forget to join our group, FlexRN Nurses too!

Our goal is to truly match quality nursing professionals with amazing healthcare positions in hospitals, facilities, and unique acute care environments nationwide. We think everyone should experience a nursing agency built to support you and your nursing career, and that’s what we strive to provide.

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