5 Fun Souvenir Ideas to Remember Each Assignment

Posted 8/11/2017

Souvenirs are a great way to hold onto the experiences you have as you tackle the country, one FlexRN nursing assignment at a time!

  1. Local art-Come home with a nice print or work of art from your assignment location. This could also mean music, pottery or another art form you found that was special to the location. Just make sure you can transport pieces properly, you don’t want the disappointment of it being ruined when you unpack your luggage.
  2. Coffee cups-Yes we will admit, buying a coffee mug is one of the most touristic souvenirs possible. But if you’re actually going to use it for your nurse coffee habit, why not? 
  3. Handmade holiday ornaments-Deck the halls! Pick up a homemade ornament from the state that you are traveling in that tells a unique story and also helps add some dazzle to your holiday decor.
  4. Magnets-Looking for something that won’t take up much space? Small, lightweight, flat, and easy to travel with, magnets are still our most favorite go-to souvenir.
  5. Local Food Items-Sugar, spice, and everything nice…who doesn’t love the thought of bringing back something for the stomach! Plus it’s always nice to support local and growing businesses.

Those are some of our favorites, now tell us yours!

What do you like to collect when traveling from assignment to assignment?

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