5 Tips for Reigniting the Passion in Your Nursing Career

Posted 9/18/2017

Are you feeling a little burned out and disengaged? If so, sounds like it is time to reenergize your work life and reignite your passion in healthcare. You’ve worked hard to become a nurse and you deserve to enjoy your profession and feel proud about doing important, difficult, and meaningful work. The good news is there are many things that you can do to fire up those feelings of excitement for the nursing work you do and the career possibilities that await.

Here are 5 tips we found from nurse.org to be helpful:


  1. Address burnoutIf you’re experiencing signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue or burnout, get help. Depression, anxiety, weight change, and substance abuse are signs that you can benefit from support. Talking with a friend or colleague can help, but it might be time for a professional counselor. A mental health practitioner could make a huge difference in your personal life and career.
  2. Interview a nurse you admireNurses’ career paths are often surprising. Find a colleague you admire and reach out to him or her. It can be someone you know in your organization, one of your nursing instructors from school, or a nurse you’ve met online. This type of informational interview can be a gold mine. Ask for a phone call, virtual meeting, or meet face-to-face to learn about their career path. You’re bound to have an interesting conversation, and it may lead to ideas and connections for your next career steps.
  3. Be a mentorRemember how much you admired practicing nurses when you were in school or just getting started in your career? Well, guess what? There may be some students or new nurses who look up to you. If your organization has a preceptor or mentoring program, sign up. If it doesn’t, maybe you should help start one. Or keep it simple and reach out to a newer nurse on your own. Buy him a cup of coffee and ask how he’s doing and how you can help. You might be surprised how good this makes you feel about your career.
  4. Attend a conferenceSign up for a conference or seminar that interests you, and make the financial and scheduling commitment to attend — this will help you make ongoing education and your career satisfaction a priority. Even if it means sacrificing money and time, there’s a good chance you’ll meet others who can both validate the tough stuff you’re going through and reignite your passion.
  5. Create a career visionWhat’s your dream job? Nursing is a profession with many different specialties and paths. If you’re not happy with your current position, it’s important to be working towards one that meets your needs and expectations. Think about how to make the most of your present job, and then take steps in a new direction, perhaps with FlexRN?

Ref: (nurse.org)

Work without passion is… well, it’s just work! Burnout, fatigue, disengagement, and a lack of passion for our work are all signs that it is time to make a change. Let FlexRN know if we can help reignite your passion with one of our many nursing opportunities!

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