Best Free Apps For Exploring Your New Assignment City

Posted 8/23/2018

You did it! You took the plunge and have started your dream travel assignment with FlexRN. But in a brand new place it can be hard to get settled and also stay connected.

Here’s a list of our top FREE (iOS and Android compatible) apps to help!

Spotted by Locals

No one knows a city like the locals do—at least that’s the idea behind this tidy app. It uses suggestions put forward by hand-picked spotters who know the best places in town and the areas you can ignore. This app includes cities around the world but we focused in on the fact that it includes major players for our job openings like Washington, D.C.!


Perhaps you are the type of person who enjoys writing down their travel experiences? This app lets you do just that with a twist. Journi lets you capture, share, and relive your travel moments with the option to create your own travel blog. You can also pin moments to a map of where you have traveled. This is a great memory-keeping app for the true traveling gypsy nurse.


We have mentioned this app in a previous blog post here. But we bet you have never used it as a travel aid! Tap on the search icon from the front screen, open up the Places tab, and you can browse through all of the popular and recent photos people are posting to a certain location. Sure, you’re going to get a lot of selfies in there, but you might be surprised at how many interesting views, locations, bars, and restaurants you uncover as well (everyone loves posting food pictures). It’s an alternative way to stumble across some places of note.


Maybe you don’t want to see any local sights in the place you’ve just landed in, and instead you just want to make a few new friends. If that’s the case, then this app is for you! After all, you can always ask your new buddies about the most interesting spots in town after you’ve been introduced. The app is essentially a listing of local events and groups, so you can browse for something that looks like it’s up your street (literally and figuratively) and then get connected to like-minded souls in the area.

Like a Local

This is another app that wants to bring you the best tips from the people that live there—as you may have guessed from its title—and it’s one of the most polished options out there, as well as one of the most comprehensive in terms of the cities it covers. The focus is on fun stuff to see and do in your city of choice, and while there are some touristy selections here (which you might not mind), there are plenty of relatively off-the-beaten-track options to explore too. (This one is great even if you’re already a local of the particular city too.)


Uber allows you to “call” for a ride with just the touch of a button. They provide you with notifications for when your ride is on its way, when it’s close, and when it has arrived at your location. The best part? This app stores your payment info for easy management of fares. On top of this, the fares are typically cheaper than taxi fare!

Google Maps

This is just a classic map application that is really hard to beat! It’s simple yet helps you uncover spots you wouldn’t otherwise come across. Tap the GPS icon, then the Explore link at the bottom, to see what’s in your current vicinity. The beauty of this Google Maps feature is the way you can drill down into “where the locals go” or “seats outside” or “great beers” depending on the feedback and reviews left by other Maps users.


Simply put, this app plugs you into local events and gigs that you’re likely to be interested in. You can have a browse through what’s happening, pick something of note, and wander along to learn more about the city you find yourself in (and perhaps make a friend or two). There are stacks and stacks of categories in here, covering all types of music, comedy, eating out, and drinking experiences, so you certainly shouldn’t be short of something to do.


Then, after you’ve put your smartphone to work for you with these great travel apps, use it to find your next travel nursing assignment with us by searching our available jobs here!

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