Covid Support Services provided by FlexRN

Posted 9/23/2021

Following President Biden’s September 9 announcement of new Covid vaccine mandates These new requirements will affect up to two-thirds of the American workforce – as many as 100 million people!

Breaking that number down, there will be mandated COVID vaccines or a weekly Covid test for all Federal employees, those who work for large businesses – 100 employees or more, and of course, those of us in Healthcare. You can read the full action plan here.

We could also see the availability of booster shots as soon as September 20th, distributed and administered from pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and health centers. FlexRN has proven experience with COVID vaccination events, planning and staffing small corporate locations and mass vaccination sites. With a team of experienced personnel including RNs, LPNs, and CNA’s ready to deploy to any location across MD and VA, we can quickly staff your Covid-related positions. Access information on our COVID-19 Support Services here

Since early February of 2020, we have supported personnel staffing and guidance on how to quickly ramp up and staff both onsite & offsite testing, vaccination, and alternative care centers located in the MD and VA markets. Our large clinician database of experienced personnel includes RNs and LPNs as well as CNAs and Advance Practice Nurses, to support testing, vaccination, and ACS teams.

Preparation is the key to FlexRN’s success: We have an experienced team that is ready and able to help your facility quickly staff your COVID-related positions and meet these vital needs in your community. After the last unprecedented year, we are honored to place clinicians on the front lines of this life-saving effort.

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