How Do You Elfie Selfie?

Posted 12/3/2017

It’s BACK for its 3rd year in a row! One of our Most Popular Contests Ever…

The FlexRN Elfie Selfie Contest!

How would you like to WIN $250 just in time for Christmas this year? FlexRN is giving away a Visa® gift card to 1 LUCKY ACTIVE FlexRN Nurse with this year’s BEST version of an “Elfie Selfie!”

From now until December 17th, just post a picture of your “Elfie Selfie” on our FlexRN Facebook page for a chance to WIN! Don’t have Facebook? You can still participate by sending your photo to with the subject line “Elfie Selfie.” We can’t wait to see the awesome photos we receive this year! Good Luck to all!

Click Here to Enter on our Facebook Page!

 Take a Look at Past Winners Hannah, Amanda, and JoAnna.

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