Local and Travel Rate Contracts from $1,512-$2,080/Wk Gross in Northern VA

Job ID: 29224
Location: Fairfax and Alexandria, Virginia
Specialty: CVOR, Float Pool, ICU, IMCU, Med-Surg, Med/Surg, Med/Surg - Telemetry, Neuro, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, Pre-Op, Surgery Center, Telemetry
Job Type: Registered Nurse, RN
Placement Type: Contract
Additional Info: $$ BIG Needs for Northern VA! $$

FlexRN is looking to fill several positions in the Northern Virginia area. We currently have Tons of Open Contracts for Med Surg, Tele, ICU and PACU RNs all with multiple shift times available!

$500 Completion Bonuses for All
2 years’ experience required for All
VA is a Compact License State
Must be outside 50-mile radius for Travel

***FlexRN proudly offers an array of benefits for our nurses which includes: Medical, dental, and vision coverage, Short-Term, Long-Term, and Life insurance, Bonuses for Sign-On, Referral, Contract Completion and Retention and 401K with instant matching!***

Fairfax, VA

Med Surg/Tele both Day and Night Shift available for 7/28 start
Local: $44/Hr., $1,584/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $48/Hr., $1,728/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
2 years’ experience required, BLS and ACLS required. 24-bed medical telemetry unit providing care to adult patients with wide array of diagnoses including pulmonary, GI/GU, renal, geriatrics, end of life, psych, etc. Work with PICCs, midlines, permacaths, quintons, all types of drains, chest tubes, isolation patients.

PACU (CVOR PACU), 7/29-10/26 *No On call*
9a-730p occasionally working 5a-330p to cover pre/post) Mon-Fri
Local: $48/Hr., $1,920/Weekly Gross for 40 Hours Per Week
Travel: $52/Hr., $2,080/Weekly Gross for 40 Hours Per Week
2 years’ experience and Previous Travel experience required. Looking for someone with PACU experience in cardiac/vascular and thoracic surgery. The desired candidate would have some charge experience. Minimum 3 years PACU/critical experience in past 4 years. Comfortable with drips, ERAS protocols for early ambulation in Post-op; arrhythmias, compliance to ASPAN guidelines. Must work with minimal supervision, ability to multi-task, use critical thinking skills, flex to meet patient needs in adult PACUs. EMR- Epic.

PACU, 7/29-10/26, Night shift, 2000-0800
Local: $48/Hr., $1,728/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $52/Hr., $1,872/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
***Must float to Pre-Op and pass the ECG exam on day 1 of orientation (pass/fail - 1 try). Certs- BLS, ACLS, PALS and 2 years’ experience required.

Pre-Op, 7/14-10/12, 6a-6p, Weekend Rotation
Local: $44/Hr., $1,728/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $52/Hr., $2,080/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Certs- BLS, ACLS, PALS, 2 years’ experience required. 23 Pre-Op beds, Ratio: 1:2-4. Types of cases: Adults and pediatric patients - Ortho joint/spine/trauma, colorectal, kidney transplant, craniotomy, urology, ENT, general surgery, trauma surgery, plastics, IR.

Neuro ICU, 7p-7a
Local: $44/Hr.,$1,584/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $52/Hr., $1,872/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Certs- BLS, ACLS, NIHSS (CCRN, SCRN or CNRN preferred) and 2 years’ experience required. Weekend requirement- Every Other Weekend, Float- may have to float to Neuro IMC unit, beds- 18, Ratios- 1:2 (can flex up or down based on acuity). Common diagnosis / Types of patients CVA (ischemic and hemorrhagic), aneurysm, brain tumors, seizures (level 4 epilepsy center); 24-48 hr. EEG studies; overflow for trauma, TBI usually go to TICU, must be comfortable w/ neurosurgeries. TPA patients are 1:2. Additional Notes: Very difficult patient population with neuro injuries must be very patient and family focused and be aware of the neurologic impacts of tumors, CVAs etc. Willing to learn and grow in the neuroscience areas. They use LiquoGuard (active pump). They will assign by acuity.

ICU Float Pool, Start ASAP for 13 Weeks, 7a-7p
Local: $44/Hr., $1,584/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $52/Hr., $1,872/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
BLS & ACLS are required. NIHSS would be a PLUS. MUST have at least 2 years of experience. Previous travel experience desired but not required. This would be a PLUS! MUST have strong, well-rounded General Med Surg ICU experience.
Ratio: Usually ratio will be 1:2-3 patients. There will be a mix of ICU patients and lower level acuity. EMR EPIC – MUST HAVE EPIC EXPERIENCE. Weekend requirement: must work 4 weekend shifts per 6-week schedule. Travelers will be assigned to either A group or B group. This is what determines weekend rotation & holiday rotation. Float pool staff calls in to find out which unit they will be assigned. They will report to that unit & participate in the daily safety huddle, etc. ICU/CC Cluster Float Pool travelers are responsible to float to all ICU's: MSICU, TICU, CVICU, TICU, & NSICU - will take patients in their skill set. Therefore, they want STRONG GENERAL Med Surg ICU nurses. Could also float to ED to take hold patients. *Could also be floated to IMC, Med Surg/Tele. Would be expected to accept a full patient assignment* (This is NOT negotiable) Mid-shift float could be possible, although they try to avoid this.

Alexandria, VA

IMCU, 7p-7a, 7/22-10/19
Local: $44/Hr., $1,584/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $48/Hr., $1,728/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Certs- BLS (must be AHA), ACLS, NIHSS, 2 year PCU experience, Must have proficient IV skills, Weekend Requirement- Every other weekend, Holidays- Every other holiday, Floating - First to Float (Med Surg, Oncology floor, Surgical units, ICU- will only take patients within their scope of practice) Misc. Information:52 beds (North- 26; South- 26), EMR- Epic, Ratios- 1:4-5, Floor Orientation- 3 days, Scrubs- Navy Blue Pants and Solid Navy-Blue tops or Solid white (Jackets Solid Navy Blue or Solid white) can mix and match, long sleeve shirts under scrubs must be navy or white.

Surgery Center-Post Surgical, Start ASAP, 13 weeks, Day and D/N Rotation available
Local: $42/Hr., $1,512/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $47/Hr., $1,692/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
No call, Floating - float to Med Surg; May take Med Surg patient on a Stepdown unit. Misc. Information: beds- 24 bed unit, average length of, stay- 1 to 3 days, Ratios- 1:5 day; 1:5-6 night.

Med Surg Nights to Start ASAP, 13 weeks
Local: $42/Hr., $1,512/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
Travel: $47/Hr., $1,692/Weekly Gross for 36 Hours Per Week
BLS and ACLS (Preferred). Common types of patients: Adults 18 and over; CHF, Diabetes, PN, GI, nephrology, dialysis, cellulitis, closed fractures, sepsis, ETOH/CIWA, SBO, flu, TB. Minimum 2 years’ experience; must have strong assessment skills; can’t be afraid to escalate issues if have concerns; must be team player; during day there is a resource nurse who can helps with admits and discharges; each room has a computer station; nurses have WOWs they can push and there are 3 stations as well to document at.

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Contact Info: If you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity please call our Recruitment team at: (866) 781-0726 or you can email them at: recruiting@flexrn.com.

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