More HOT Northern Virginia RN Needs! Local & Travel Rates from $1,512-$2,120/Wk Gross

Job ID: 29302
Location: Falls Church, Alexandria and Fairfax, Virginia
Specialty: Case Management, Med Surg Rehab, Med Surg/GYN, Neuro Stroke, Neuro/Tele, Orthopedic Post-Surgical
Job Type: Registered Nurse, RN
Placement Type: Contract
Additional Info: **Attention RNs! Great Paying Needs in the Compact State of VA!**

FlexRN is Hiring Nurses for Excellent Contract opportunities throughout the Northern Virginia area!!!

All Travel must be outside 50 mile radius of the facility and All positions require 2 years experience.

Falls Church, VA

Neuro Tele, 7p-7a, Start ASAP for 13 Weeks
Local: $44/Hr., $1,584/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Travel: $48/Hr., $1,728/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
BLS, ACLS and NIHSS required, 24 beds, Ratio: 1:4-5, EMR EPIC, Weekend requirement: every other weekend, Scrubs: Navy, Common Diagnosis/Types of Patients: Med/Tele, Neuro, Stroke.

Neuro Stroke, 7p-7a, Start ASAP for 13 Weeks
Will take a strong Med Surg Nurse
Local: $44/Hr., $1,584/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Travel: $48/Hr., $1,728/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
BLS and NIHSS required, 24 beds, Ratio: 1:5-6, EMR EPIC – must have EPIC experience, Weekend requirement: every other weekend, Scrubs: Navy, Common Diagnosis/Types of Patients: Stroke, neuro diagnoses, general medical, No titration of drips, can take heparin, 3% NaCl, Cardizem.

Med Surg/Gynecology, 7p-7a, ASAP Start for 13 Weeks
Local: $42/Hr., $1,512/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Travel: $48/Hr., $1,656/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
4 weekend shifts per 6-week scheduling period, BLS, Ratio: 1:6, EMR EPIC, Weekend requirement: 4 weekend shifts over 6-week period, Holidays: when needed, Floating: We float to other medical or surgical units or the oncology unit. We also float within women’s to postpartum and high risk perinatal, Scrubs: Navy. Common types of patients/Diagnosis: We are a medical surgical unit for women. We care for women after they have had GYN surgeries, Breast surgeries, sicker postpartum, fetal demises, oncology patients, and some general surgical patients. Also, medical patients such as pneumonia, UTI, cellulitis, sickle cell patients, etc. We also do palliative care and end of life care. Additional Notes: We really need high energy and service-oriented staff members. The unit can be very fast paced. And our patients are often finding out very difficult news, so they need a lot of attention and care. We do self-scheduling and we do allow block scheduling again if that is what the staff member wants.

Med Surg Rehab, 7p-7a, ASAP Start for 13 Weeks
Every other weekend-floating occasionally required
Local: $50/Hr., $1,800/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Travel: $53/Hr., $1,908/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Med Surg RNs that will float to Rehab, BLS, ACLS, must have acute rehab experience. Working at a standalone facility and any ER or ICU experience previously would be a bonus. Types of patients: Stroke, brain injury, orthopedic, cardiac, general debility. Scrub Color – Navy Blue. Will need to travel to Alexandria, VA for clinical orientation. Holiday and on-call expectations (1 major, 1 minor).

Medical Oncology, 7p-7a to Start ASAP for 13 Weeks
Local: $42/Hr., $1,512/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Travel: $52/Hr., $1,872 gross/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Required Certifications: BLS (must be AHA), Bio Chemo certification. Must be able to read telemetry strips, must have strong IV skills, and be competent with Mediport access. Must have Epic experience--Inpatient Nursing and Beacon, Weekend requirement- every third weekend (Friday and Saturday). Holidays-1 major, 1 minor. Floating - may be required to float. Misc Information: 10 bed Oncology Unit, EMR- Epic, Ratios- 1:5 days, 1:5 nights, Scrubs- Solid Navy-Blue Scrubs and Solid Navy-Blue Scrub pants with a Solid White scrub Top. Common diagnosis / Types of patients: Neutropenic patients, patients receiving chemotherapy, mastectomy and bowel resection patients, end of life patients, medical/surgical overflow patients. Magnet facility. Nursing is vocal and visible—we enjoy the people we work with. Communication and collaboration are key.

Alexandria, VA

Medical Oncology, 7a-7p, 7/22/19 Start for 13 Weeks
Must have Epic experience
Local: $42/Hr., $1,512/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Travel: $52/Hr., $1,872/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Certs- BLS (must be AHA) Chemo certification is a plus, Must be able to read strips, Must have strong IV skills, Weekend Requirement- Every other weekend, Holidays- as needed, Floating -Areas of like skills such as unit 23 which Med Surg, 4N which is Tele Med Surg, 25 which is IMCU, 26 post op surgical--patients assigned within scope. Must have strong clinical skills and IV skills, need to be able to navigate EPIC, chemo knowledge a plus. Common types of patients/Diagnosis: Cancer diagnosis, chemo patients, AMLs, medical patients (AMI CHF, PN), overflow surgical patients, post chole, post appt, dialysis, large amount of isolation patients except no airborne precautions. Misc. Information: 29 beds, EMR- Epic, Ratios- 1:4-5 on day, 1:5-6 nights, Floor, Orientation- 3 days, Scrubs- Navy Blue Pants and Solid Navy-Blue tops or Solid white (Jackets Solid Navy Blue or Solid white) can mix and match.

Fairfax, VA

Case Management, 8 Hour Days w/ Weekend Rotation for 13 Weeks
Local: $50/Hr., $2,000/Wk Gross for 40 Hrs Per Week
Travel: $53/Hr., $2,120/Wk Gross for 40 Hrs Per Week
Certs: BLS (must be AHA), must have Acute, Inpatient Management/Discharge Planning experience, must have Epic experience, Prefers ICU and ER experience. Weekends- Could work weekend shift but would then flex off a day during week. Holidays - rotation, No call. Misc. Information: Case load- average 18-24 patients per day, EMR- EPIC; All Scripts is their secondary referral software, Case management does discharge planning; UR works on the unit working w insurance companies, approvals etc.; What areas of hospital do they cover? Inpatient and Outpatient? Inpatient (ICU, Telemetry, Surgical, Observation unit, Medical), ED, may float to Women’s and Children, Post-Partum, L&D, Peds, NICU.

Orthopedic Post-Surgical, 7a-7p, ASAP Start for 13 Weeks
Local: $42/Hr., $1,512/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Travel: $46/Hr., $1,656/Wk Gross for 36 Hrs Per Wk
Certs: BLS (must be AHA), Must be able to read and interpret strips, Weekend- Every other weekend, Holidays- 1 major, 1 minor (rotate with core staff), Float- MedSurg, Tele. Common diagnosis: Post surgicals, bariatric, total joints, spines and general surgeries. A lot of patients with on Q pumps, nerve blocks and PCAs. Pain management heavy focus. Misc. Information: 42 beds, Ratios- 1:5 days; 1:6 nights, EMR- Epic.

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