Nurse of the Month-April 2019

Posted 4/11/2019

FlexRN works with the best nurses and each month we recognize one of them with our FlexRN Nurse of the Month award. Congratulations to Constance “Connie” F. on being FlexRN’s Nurse of the Month for April!

Connie is a Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience. Her specialties include Primary Care and Emergency Room nursing. Connie was nominated for this honor by FlexRN Senior Compliance Specialist, Susann. “Connie is an ideal nurse that is very worthy of this award. She has a tremendous work ethic and perfect attendance record. She will work any hours that you need her to – not just the usual shifts and is willing to travel far to work at a facility if needed. Connie is that kind of flexible nurse that every agency would love to have, as she will work long and short shifts, both days and nights. She also has been acknowledged and praised for her hard work and dedication from patients and their families as well as hospital management.

Susann who has known Connie for over 15 years also said “Connie has always been a pleasure to work with since she came on board with our agency – she is a wonderful person. She really, really cares about all of her patients and has a kind heart. I feel that she became a nurse for all of the right reasons.”

Connie says she has enjoyed agency work with us because both the office staff and her coworkers have always been very supportive. Connie told us that her favorite things to do outside of being a nurse and taking care of others are: Swimming, hiking, reading and cooking for family-friends.

Thanks so much for all that you do, for sharing your story, and of course, your commitment to great patient care, Connie! We are grateful to have you as a part of our team. Be on the lookout for a prize coming your way in the mail from your entire FlexRN family.

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