Nurse of the Month-April 2020

Posted 4/10/2020

At FlexRN, our team is thrilled to work with nursing professionals who greatly impact the lives of their patients in a positive manner. We have a special place in our hearts for nurses who are willing to go the extra mile. We believe such incredible work and dedication shouldn’t go unnoticed. Now more than ever our nurses deserve to be recognized for their efforts in fighting COVID-19.

Our Nurse of the Month Award is presented to a nurse whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contributes to FlexRN’s mission and core values. The Nurse of the Month is chosen from nominations submitted by our office staff.

Please join us in recognizing Rachel B. as our April Nurse of the Month 2020.

Rachel was nominated by her Staffing Specialist Mary Lundie for this award.

Getting to know more about FlexRN Nurse Rachel.


What is your nursing specialty?

“Emergency is all I have ever done as I enjoy the challenge and element of surprise of multiple medical emergencies.”

How long have you been a nurse?

“I’ve been a nurse in the emergency department for about 11-12 years. I started as a paramedic after joining the fire department when I was 17 after moving back to the states. I enjoy traveling and have found a home at my travel hospital that is like my home base hospital.

As a nurse, what’s been your greatest challenge so far during the COVID-19 pandemic?

“COVID-19 is something right now that has halted life and has turned emergency nursing into a series of M*A*S*H at times. Even further than the emergency room… the dynamics of this pandemic are unknown. Living in the countries abroad that it has also affected I have compared healthcare from there to here in the U.S. and there are times I wish we were slightly advanced in some thinking and avenues.”

As a nurse, what is the most important thing you want other nurses to know or do related to COVID-19?

“What I want nurses to remember is yes, we do have a job to do and it requires a lot of critical thinking, more so than we have ever done before. However, we are nurses and no matter which specialty it has given us the unique capability to think outside of the box.  I think with current events we forget this. No one planned nor were prepared for a pandemic and unfortunately, we will pay the price of that with a decrease in PPE availability, illnesses of our own, illnesses of our family. What I think we must remember is every day is going to change. We need to constantly stay in our A game and remember nurses are unique in our own dynamics. We can complain and we can be unhappy, or we can stand together and make a difference because right now this is our time to shine. We aren’t just nurses. We are the warriors in this pandemic that’s going to help take back how we live life. Through education and support we will overcome. Every day is a challenge. We are going to vent. We are going to be angry. We are going to be sad. And we are going to eventually smile again. We will always remember this. Be safe always. Let’s count our blessings and cherish the fact that for some people we will be the only ones holding their hands during their difficult time with this virus. That will be something that can never be replaced and to those patients we will be those angels and hero’s they will remember. Try to stay humble.”

What do you enjoy about working with FlexRN? Would you recommend us to other nurses?

“FlexRN had been very good to me and my staffing specialist, Mary helps me out tremendously with any issues I have. I have recommended FlexRN to every nurse I come across looking for travel positions. ”

What are your interests outside of taking care of others?

“I live in the Eastern Shore and raise my 5 kids there. I enjoy running them around to cheer and lacrosse and football. I enjoy hanging out in general and try to live my best life whether with my kids or adult time.”

Here’s what some of our team members had to say about Rachel.

“Rachel is an absolute pleasure to work with, she is humble, very flexible and refers great people to help to continue to grow our FlexRN family.”-Mary Lundie, Rachel’s Staffing Specialist

“Rachel is a strong dependable nurse. Going through the recruitment process with her was a breeze and such an easy process. We are lucky to have her as part of our team and look forward to our continuing partnership.” -Kelly Carey, Rachel’s Recruiter

Join Us in Celebrating Rachel

Rachel, it’s a complete honor to have you on our team at FlexRN. Thank you for everything you do. Sending all our love and support to you at this time. We are so proud of you, we appreciate you, and we will continue doing our part for you, so you know that you’re never alone. Everyone, please help us say congratulations to Rachel and spread the word about this amazing nurse by sharing her story on social media.

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