Nurse of the Month-August 2019

Posted 8/12/2019

FlexRN works with the very best nurses and each month we take the time to honor and recognize one of them with our FlexRN Nurse of the Month award. Congratulations to Dina S. on being FlexRN’s Nurse of the Month for August 2019!

Dina is a Psych and Correctional nurse on her first assignment with us at a corrections facility in Virginia. She has been an LPN since 2006. She has been working with FlexRN for only a month now but is doing such a fantastic job that it’s no surprise she is receiving this award. Our team absolutely loves working with her and we’re thrilled to share in her success!

Her Recruiter, Amy, was so excited to nominate her for this honor. Amy says that she has been impressed by Dina since she first came on board with us and really enjoys their working relationship. “Dina’s attention to detail, her patient advocacy, as well as her communication skills, make her a stand-out nurse at FlexRN! She gets great feedback from her supervisors. She is flexible, friendly, and reliable – a real pleasure to work with!”

So why did she choose to become a nurse? Dina said “I think nursing chose me. My childhood was painful at times and some wonderful people helped me heal and I just wanted to do the same for others.” She got into nursing for the same reason many nurses do: She wanted to help people. Dina is a wonderful representation of our FlexRN values, and truly cares about each patient she cares for. We’re so glad she chose this career and chose FlexRN!

How is she liking FlexRN so far? “FlexRN has been great to work with. The pay is great and my recruiter, Amy has been very helpful. I would recommend them!”

Outside of nursing and caring for others, Dina says her hobbies are shopping and singing off key to friends and family. 🎤🤪 When asked if there was anything else, we should be sure to mention about her, she told us that it’s important to note that nursing is her life and that she is very proud to be a part of the greatest profession ever! We are proud that you are too Dina! We are very grateful for you – you make our job easy!

Nurses like Dina always make us proud to come to work every day, and support what they do. We are very thankful to have a nurse like her representing FlexRN and changing lives daily. Thanks, so much for all hard work and commitment to great patient care, Dina. We’re excited to see how your journey with us continues in the future! For this honor be on the lookout for a special gift in your mailbox from your entire FlexRN family.

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