Nurse of the Month-December 2019

Posted 12/6/2019

FlexRN works with the very best nurses and each month we take the time to honor and recognize one of them with our FlexRN Nurse of the Month award. Congratulations to Frank M. on being FlexRN’s final Nurse of the Month for 2019!

Frank is a Critical Care RN. He has been a nurse for 27 years with 22 of those years having been in critical care. Frank initially worked under Progressive Nursing Staffers before FlexRN took ownership to the company earlier this year.

He says he became a nurse because he wanted to make a difference vs making a paycheck. Making a paycheck was not enough him.

Frank was nominated for this award by his staffing specialist of many years, Kenneth as well as his original compliance specialist from Progressive, Susann.

Kenneth states “Frank has always been extremely nice and professional. He’s very attentive to his compliance documentation and completing everything in a timely manner. I am honored to work with him, and I wholeheartedly endorse him for this award.”

Susann added that “Frank is a wonderful nurse, very kind and caring and always compliant (with his compliance docs – as soon as I ask for them, he sends them to me). He is just genuinely a great person to work with.”

When asked if he would recommend FlexRN. Frank said yes… ” They bend over backwards for you and work diligently to get things done.”

Outside of nursing, Frank enjoys music, dancing, singing, movies, theater and reading.

We’re so thankful for our nurses, especially Frank this holiday season and all year long. Thank you so much for everything you bring to FlexRN and for the good work you do. We certainly appreciate you and are so very lucky to have a nurse of your caliber as part of our team. Let’s all give Frank a hand for his exceptional work!

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Click here to view our past winners.

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