Nurse of the Month-February 2020

Posted 2/13/2020

At FlexRN, our team is thrilled to work with nursing professionals who greatly impact the lives of their patients in a positive manner. We have a special place in our hearts for nurses who go the extra mile and believe such incredible work and dedication shouldn’t go unrecognized.

Please join the entire team at FlexRN in recognizing Lamley as our February Nurse of the Month 2020.

Lamley was nominated by both her Senior Recruiter Kelly Carey and Senior Staffing Specialist Katrina Carter for this award.

Getting to know more about FlexRN Nurse Lamley.

What is your nursing specialty?

Intensive Care Unit RN

How long have you been a nurse?

9 years as a nurse and been traveling with FlexRN for 3 months with my current facility assignment being extended.

Why did you choose to become a nurse?

“It’s the only job I ever imagined as a girl. I love to be a part of people’s lives during their most vulnerable moments.”

What do you enjoy about working with FlexRN? Would you recommend us to other nurses?

Friendly, great communication, dedication and someone’s always available.

“Yes, I would absolutely recommend FlexRN to other nurses.”

What do you like to do in your spare time outside of taking care of others?

Gardening (vegetables), woodwork and crafting.

Here’s what our office staff had to say about Lamley.

From her Recruiter, Kelly: “My experience with recruiting Lamley to FlexRN was very positive. She was super easy to work with, very nice, and extremely patient from the start.”

Lamley’s Staffing Specialist, Katrina said the following: ” Lamley is a great nurse and is an amazing asset to our team, she has been such a pleasure to work with and I am pleased to have her at FlexRN.”

FlexRN’s Compliance Specialist, Chasity notes “Lamley is very responsive with getting her compliance documents in on time and is always pleasant to reach out to if something is needed to keep her file in good status. She’s a model traveler.”

Help us show some love for Lamley who is making a difference as an ICU RN, always making sure she does all she can for her patients.

Thank you for everything you do and for your exceptional work as a travel nurse with FlexRN. We’re so honored and happy to have you!

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