Nurse of the Month-June 2019

Posted 6/3/2019

FlexRN works with the best nurses and each month we recognize one of them with our FlexRN Nurse of the Month award. Congratulations to Tracey M. on being FlexRN’s Nurse of the Month for June 2019!

Tracey has been a nurse since 1992. She started school at Mercer Medical Center School of Nursing in Trenton, NJ and it felt right to her so she never looked back! Her very first job was at the Albert Einstein Medical Center out of Philadelphia, PA. She currently works as an RN in the ER unit at one of our client hospital’s and has been a travel nurse since 1996. She says she really does enjoy agency nursing even with its many challenges. Tracy says she chose to become a nurse by simply asking herself one question, “Can I make a living off what I love which is caring for people?” She said that her family always knew that she was going to be a nurse as well.

Tracey is a great team player, excellent patient advocate and a highly skilled RN. She is also an extremely hard worker. If anyone were to take a look at her schedule then you would be able to see that she really gets her hours in! But that doesn’t stop her from also enjoying her downtime from nursing. She said that people tend to think she just works and goes home to sleep but she let us know that she is a shopaholic and has no plans on stopping plus she loves a good casino. “I really make the time for those two guilty pleasures as well as traveling and trying new things also.” Tracey let us know that she turns 50 this year, so nursing really got her early. She said she is like a fine wine only getting better with time. We definitely agree Tracey! You Rock!

Tracey’s scheduler, Katrina wanted to share a few words about working with Tracey over the years. “Tracey is a dedicated , compassionate nurse who is always willing to help. She is always positive and never complains about her assignments. She cares about her patients and will do whatever she can to ensure they receive the best care possible. Tracey is an incredible asset to our team and it is a real pleasure to be able to work with her.”

FlexRN Compliance specialist, Susann also added. “Tracey has always been wonderful and you can tell she is a nurse for all of the right reasons!”

When told about receiving this honor Tracey responded by saying “Thanks so much, I do appreciate the accolade. I am very eager about the future with FlexRN and I truly enjoy the people I have worked with at FlexRN. Thank you again for the internal team’s hard work on making me better and know that I’m fully committed to this journey that we are all on. Let’s hear it for the Flex team!”

From the entire team, we would like to say thank you to Tracey for her exceptional work as a nurse. We appreciate all of your hard work and for representing our agency in such a positive way. Congratulations and keep making us proud! For this honor be on the lookout for a special gift in your mailbox from your FlexRN family.

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