Nurse of the Month-June 2020

Posted 6/8/2020

At FlexRN, our team is thrilled to work with nursing professionals who greatly impact the lives of their patients in a positive manner. We have a special place in our hearts for nurses who are willing to go the extra mile. We believe such incredible work and dedication should not go unnoticed. Now more than ever our nurses deserve to be recognized for their efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

Our Nurse of the Month Award is presented to a nurse whose exemplary performance, professionalism, and leadership contribute to FlexRN’s mission and core values. The Nurse of the Month is chosen from nominations submitted by our office staff.

Please join us in recognizing Valerie M. as our June Nurse of the Month 2020!

Valerie was nominated by her Staffing Specialist Kenneth Wallace for this award.

Getting to know more about FlexRN Nurse Valerie!


What is your specialty in nursing?

I consider myself an ACUTE CARE Nurse.  I have been a nurse for 22 years and landed my dream job at a Trauma Center in Baltimore MD.  I knew that the experience I would have under my belt working at the STC would help me grow as a nurse in many areas, as trauma affects every aspect of a patient’s life and their family members.  What I learned there helped me to be the nurse I am today.  I learned how to adapt quickly to change, time management, work, and care for people from all walks of life, and did I mention time management?

All of this allowed me to move on to work in the ICU, ER, PACU, Surgical IMC, Thoracic IMC, and now as a Research Nurse Case Manager.  My experience has given me the ability to adapt well to change and this is what is needed to be an agency nurse, the willingness to face changes daily, and get the work done. 

What are some things you enjoy about working with the team at FlexRN?

The FlexRN Team have helped me pick up shifts or keep me on a contract.  I have been strictly working for FlexRN since my son left for college because the team is very accommodating to my schedule.

Why did you choose to become a nurse?

 I always knew that I wanted to care for people because as a young girl I was the one who took care of the cuts scrapes and the busted head when my cousin was hit by a car.

Nursing is my passion.  No words can adequately explain the feeling that fills my soul when I help people. I feel like God blessed me with an abundance of compassion and that is the number one skill needed to provide unbiased care to people.

Any hobbies/activities you enjoy outside of nursing?

When I am not nursing, I am boxing.  I hit a heavy bag about five times a week this is my current favorite form of exercise but in the past,  it was years of kickboxing and step classes.  I hope to be a Cardio Boxing instructor soon.

As a nurse, what has been your greatest challenge during the COVID-19 crisis?

COVID-19…. I wanted to get my hands dirty again be back at the bedside helping those with the Coronavirus. After being a bedside nurse for so long I felt like I was not helping. 

I currently am a volunteer for the Maryland Medical Responds Corps, and I helped with the
Drive-through testing for people who were symptomatic or had a possible exposure.  Of course, as a nurse that was a lesson learned.  After seeing and talking to those who drove through after losing their loved one to the virus, it reminded me that life should never be taken for granted and that tomorrow is not promised.  It was probably the hardest job I have ever done because as a healthcare provider I had no way of helping or advising these patients because the virus was unknown early on.

Anything else you would like us to know about you or mention?

What makes me the happiest about being a nurse is that my daughter is also a nurse and that the caring and compassion for others will be passed on as she delivers care to her patients.

Join Us in Celebrating Valerie!

Valerie, it’s a complete honor to have you on our team at FlexRN. Thank you for everything you do. Sending all our love and support to you at this time. We are so proud of you, we appreciate you, and we will continue doing our part for you, so you know that you’re never alone. Everyone, please help us say congratulations to Valerie and spread the word about this amazing nurse by sharing her story on social media!

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