Nurse of the Month-September 2019

Posted 9/13/2019

FlexRN works with the very best nurses and each month we take the time to honor and recognize one of them with our FlexRN Nurse of the Month award. Congratulations to Brent L. on being FlexRN’s Nurse of the Month for September 2019! Brent was nominated for this award by his Staffing Specialist Amber as well as the whole entire office staff! Everyone was thrilled to be able to honor him! We feel he is a wonderful example of what an awesome FlexRN nurse should be!

Brent is currently a Licensed Practical Nurse whose specialty is correctional nursing. He has been working as a nurse for 1 year and 8 months of it has been spent working with the team at FlexRN. We love that! Hooray Brent! 🎉

So why nursing? Brent says he chose to become a nurse because he loves helping others. “There is really no better feeling than helping someone out at their weakest moment and them saying a simple “thank you” and trusting that you will take good care of them.”

His Staffing Specialist, Amber, couldn’t brag enough about working with him. “Brent is the NICEST guy! He’s a hard worker, motivated and dependable. He receives wonderful feedback from his facility as well as from his co workers and our office team. He is truly an exemplary employee and an asset to FlexRN.”

Brent’s Recruiter, Kelly, adds that “Brent is a breath of fresh air! He is always so polite and kind when we chat. We are lucky to have him as part of our team at FlexRN, he’s been a great addition to our amazing group of nurses. He is such a hard working dedicated nurse, I can see him doing great things in his career!”

Some things Brent mentioned that he enjoys about working at FlexRN are the teamwork and 24/7 support no matter what time or day of the year. “Whenever I have a question, Ogden is always there when you call, as well as Amber and Kelly. Also, my facility Charge Nurse, Nicole (a previous FlexRN Nurse of the Month 😉) helps allow me to further my education and pursue becoming a RN by scheduling my shifts around my school schedule.”

Would he recommend FlexRN? “Yes!! I would definitely recommend FlexRN to other nurses. I really wish more nurses knew about the agency. The pay is amazing, there are assignments everywhere which allows you to explore different specialties while traveling, and I know that someone always has my back if I’m having any issues.”

Outside of nursing, Brent told us that enjoys spending time with his boyfriend and family. “I love going to the beach and going hiking with my boyfriend.” ⛰️🏖️❤️

We’re so very proud to call Brent a FlexRN nurse. We appreciate your passion for nursing and for the compassion you show your patients!!! We are truly grateful for you and look forward to continue watching you make a positive impact in nursing! We will be right here supporting you throughout your career.

Let’s hear it for Brent! 👏👏👏 Show him some love on social media by sharing this blog post with others.

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