Nurses Week 2020

Posted 5/14/2020

Respected FlexRN Nurse,

Happy National Nurses Week to you! This week is one of the nation’s top healthcare celebrations as well as one of the largest. It’s the perfect time to recognize our talented nurses who are truly the heart and soul of FlexRN. This year more than ever we are grateful for your dedication to patient care in the wake of the national pandemic. It is your knowledge, professional expertise, and commitment to serving others that has earned FlexRN the recognition of being one of the most sought-after nurse staffing agencies in the nation. We believe our nurses are some of the fiercest advocates for patients and live their lives with the understanding that nursing is truly more than just a job. Our nurses working on the frontlines against this virus, we salute you!

Each one of you adds the human touch to healthcare and FlexRN considers you the gold standard of nursing excellence. You are all healers, confidants and friends. We know that our nurses provide exceptional care to their communities with each shift they work, all year long. We applaud your important contribution and loyalty to our agency and the meaningful work you complete throughout all healthcare systems nationwide. You lead the charge for health and wellness and are a constant presence that we can depend on to provide skilled expert care with dignity and kindness.

Please accept this enclosed gift card as a small token of our sincerest appreciation. We hope to show you not just during this designated week, but at every opportunity we can, just how much we appreciate, honor, and celebrate your efforts to improving our healthcare system. We are also attempting to get COVID appreciation gifts and goodies out to everyone as time and supplies permit!

On behalf of the entire team here at FlexRN, I would like to say thank you for everything you do… Happy National Nurses Week 2020!

Diana Wylie, RN, BSN

President, CNO | FlexRN