Top 3 Ways to Stand Out In Your Next Nursing Interview

Posted 7/6/2017

You want the job, you need the job, and you know you are the best candidate to fill that open position. Competition for nursing roles can be extremely fierce, particularly at the interview stage. If you want to stand out from other nurses you need to be remembered for the right reasons. When you’re interviewing for a coveted position, here are a few ways our FlexRN staff wants to help you stand out among other nurses vying for the same spot:

  1. Flexibility- One of the biggest traits most hospitals and facilities look for in candidates especially agency nurses is flexibility. A certain amount of flexibility is a big boost to your appeal. If you’re not bound to a specific schedule or shift, it opens up a lot of opportunities. Don’t sabotage your chances of landing a great job. Be willing to compromise a bit where you can, and you’ll find leaders are much more understanding when you do need to take time off or work a different schedule. You should make it clear that you’re willing to work to fill any gaps if the facility is short-staffed, and there’s the possibility of picking up extra shifts for a little bonus cash. You don’t have to be completely self-sacrificing, but making it known that you’re flexible is key.
  2. Value- Be able to describe what you bring to the table. Don’t just think about what makes you right for the job. Take time to align the employer’s organizational mission, vision, and values to your own knowledge, expertise, and experience. Bring scenarios/examples of why you are a good nurse and what you are most proud of in your nursing career to date. Be someone who can demonstrate they work well in a team and have a positive, can-do attitude. You need to clearly, articulately, and unapologetically describe what makes you special, and how you will add value to any workplace that’s lucky enough to have you.
  3. Enthusiasm- Show some personality! You should ensure that your responses to interview questions are positive and that you remain upbeat and happy throughout the interview process. All employers want to know that you’re interested in the job they are advertising, not just any job. They want to know that you care and you’re excited to do the work. Show your full interest in the position and tell the hiring manager you want to work at the organization. If you’re genuinely interested in the opportunity express why you’re so excited to be working with them. Find out about the department you are applying to, and make sure you have an intelligent and thoughtful response to the question: “Why do you want to work here?” It’s okay to be excited about enriching your own career, as well as tell people about it! Plus, it’ll lend a layer of authenticity to your interview.

The best thing about an interview? You have the power to instantly WOW them with your presence. Plus if you keep these 3 traits in your back pocket during your interviews, you’re sure to stand out amid other candidates! Don’t forget that FlexRN is always here to help you be your best so that you can enjoy top wages, the fun of new assignments, and the peace of mind that we are taking care of everything else. You should never have to worry about missing your perfect job!

Ready to have FlexRN help you stand out in your next interview? Call us today at 866-781-0726 or apply now to experience why nursing excellence is our specialty. 

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