5 Reasons to Become a Nurse Educator with FlexRN

Posted 3/5/2018

Nursing is a complicated, essential job, and it goes without saying that without good teachers, we wouldn’t have good nurses. That’s why we believe that nurse educators are just as important as nurses. But how do you know if being a nurse educator is the right position for you? We recently connected with a few of our very own FlexRN nurse educators to gain firsthand insight about the benefits of choosing a nurse educator role.

1.) Secure the future of nursing by making a difference

A primary reason many professionals enter education is to make a positive difference in their students’ lives. You can derive immense personal and professional satisfaction from imparting the knowledge you have acquired over the course of your career onto the next generation of nurses. Nurse educators have the opportunity to shape the next generation of nursing leaders, influence policies and standards, and assist healthcare institutions. Teachers truly have the chance to touch the lives of tomorrow’s patients, via the hands, minds and hearts of future nurses. As a nurse educator, you get all the same satisfaction you would get from helping a patient, but you also get to change the profession moving forward.

2.) Be in Demand

Nurse educators are more needed than ever before. More and more people are choosing to become nurses, but without nurse educators, many who want to follow this path, will be turned away from nursing schools, even if they are qualified. Nurse education has never been more important. Unfortunately, so few nurses look into becoming a nurse educator that universities are often short-staffed on the expert faculty they need to train new recruits. The shortage is so dire that nurse educator jobs are projected to grow at the much-faster-than-average rate of 14 percent through 2024, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). As a nurse educator, you will not only contribute to helping solve a national nursing shortage, but your skills will be in incredibly high demand.

3.) Be a part of a stimulating and innovative workplace environment

When things really start to shake up in the world of healthcare, be it new methods, technology or breakthroughs, nurse educators are the first to know! Whether your focus is more general or an area of specialty, such as pediatrics, family health or oncology, nurse educators have a remarkable degree of access to information, resources and leaders in the healthcare community.

4.) Flexibility

Schools of nursing set their academic calendar a year at a time. It is easy to see when classes stop and start, so you can plan the rest of your life. Many nurses especially like this feature, as family and personal time can be planned. AdvertisementMost of our educator opportunities are part-time obligations, requiring a mere 1-2 days a week for an entire 8 week clinical rotation session. Different teaching situations can also offer more or less clinical work depending on what you prefer. Also, becoming a nurse educator doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your clinical work or retire your scrubs for good; in fact many of our nurse educators continue to care for patients in addition to their teaching duties.

5.) Variety is the spice of life

Being a nurse educator offers infinite variety. Every new class of nursing students has a different personality, skill set and bank of experience. Because of this, teaching is rarely uninteresting, as students usually prompt a teacher to dig deeper about a topic.

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If a career as a nurse educator appeals to you, an effective first step on that road is requesting a call with FlexRN! If you’re ready to step up and help educate and empower the next generation of nursing professionals, contact us today!

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