Why Nurses Choose to Travel with FlexRN

Posted 1/28/2019

A travel nursing career with FlexRN is an exciting profession! Great pay and benefits, endless opportunities, and limitless adventure are just a few of the reasons why nurses choose to travel with us.

Read on to discover 5 benefits of choosing travel nursing with FlexRN as a career option.

Money, Money, Money. FlexRN nurses enjoy standout wages. A career in travel nursing allows you to be well compensated. When you add up all the benefits and allowances, you can make substantially more as a travel nurse vs a full-time perm nurse. This is especially true if you have the ability to work overtime on your assignment. Just remember it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. Your salary can vary depending on location, facility, years of experience, shift time, and nursing specialty. As a travel nurse with FlexRN, you’ll also have the potential to earn multiple bonuses like: sign-on, completion, referral, and retention.

Constant learning. Travel nursing is a great option for nurses that get bored easily. It’s a perfect balance of learning and being challenged because there is always something new or different among various assignments. FlexRN will ensure you get to work in the most prestigious facilities in the country allowing a unique perspective on multiple places. Working along top medical professionals like yourself, you will be able to gain invaluable experience that is only accessible through travel nursing.

Reimbursement perks. The cost for travel nurses can add up between licenses and certifications, specific medical requirements, travel, scrubs, etc. As a travel nurse, these expenses can sometimes be reimbursed, especially when you work with FlexRN. Be sure to talk with your FlexRN recruiter or personal scheduler about the reimbursement options and array of benefits we can offer you.

Test out a place before you become a permanent resident. Have you ever considered moving somewhere but had never been there before? As a travel nurse, you get the chance to test out cities before finding a place to settle down. Think about it as an opportunity to “try before you buy.” Many of our travel nurses have found that the 13-week assignment period is a perfect amount of time to get to know the ins and outs of a new place.

See the world. What’s the biggest perk of being a traveling nurse? The traveling of course! Travel nursing is a great way to explore the country while doing what you love. If it were not for travel nurses, many facilities would be lacking for skilled health professionals. We have travel assignments nationwide at FlexRN, so whether your thing is a warm sunny beach or maybe a snowy mountain location, we can find the perfect assignment for you! You tell us where you want to go and we’ll take you there!

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FlexRN offers an extensive list of travel nurse jobs. Call our professional recruitment team today at: (866) 781-0726. We are always here to help you to get started.

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