Types of Placement

Satisfaction on the job is critical, and the quality of your experience in the workplace is important to us. No matter the hours, schedule, or specialty, we’ll work with you to find the position that fits your lifestyle and your goals. We have current open jobs listed on our jobs page, but for an overview of the opportunities we may have available, please continue reading.

We typically staff for the following disciplines:

  • RN (Registered Nurse)
  • NP (Nurse Practitioner)
  • LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)

The real benefit of working agency lies in the flexibility. You face challenges every day, but you’ve got the ability to set your own schedule, whether that means working in-between shifts at your staff job or getting an odd-shift here and there, we’re okay with it, and offer that capability specifically because we know that with quality, dedication, and personal satisfaction go hand-in-hand. To that end we have have plenty of options, like

  • Contract (including Travel) – Contract opportunities last for anywhere from 8 – 16 weeks (normally 13) and typically have a set schedule with guaranteed minimum hours. Contracts give you the opportunity to work locally or anywhere across the nation with a travel contract through our Travel Division. Contracts offer a great chance for those wanting to experience something out of their normal routine and those looking for a routine. Depending on the situation renewal may be an option, some of our nurses have worked with the same facilities for years!
  • PRN – Per Diem, you work with facilities on an as-needed basis. High hours per week are still the norm in our Per Diem opportunities, and often there are additional benefits, with urgent needs receiving bonuses on top of great pay.
  • Perm Placement – When a client comes to us with an open position in their organization, we turn to you to help. For when you’re looking for what a permanent position has to offer, getting in contact with us puts you on our go-to list for these opportunities.

You may be wondering whether there are opportunities in your specialty available. The answer is almost always YES!

Apart from our opportunities at acute-care facilities, we also have various unique positions available! As the go-to staffing agency resource for many companies, we have the opportunity to staff positions such as:

  • Correctional Centers
  • Schools
  • Nurse Instructors and Tutors
  • Occupational Health
  • Flu Clinics (in-season)
  • Summer camps
  • Culture Festivals
  • And more!

These are just some of the opportunities we have had available, and with more to come that could be available to you.

The best way to get information on the latest needs is by checking out our website, giving us a call, or signing on with us. When you fill out an application with FlexRN that puts you on our email list and ensures that you will receive notification of only those opportunities in your particular specialty.

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