You Should Know These 8 Remarkable Facts About Nursing

Posted 5/3/2018

 Nursing has a very rich history. Numerous historical figures, significant events, and important statistics fill up the timeline of this great profession. Test your knowledge with these 8 remarkable facts to celebrate Nurses Week!

  1. Did you know that Linda Richards was the first nurse to earn a Nursing diploma in the United States? She earned it in 1873 and the proof of her graduation is now displayed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.
  2. The famous poet and essayist Walt Whitman served as a volunteer nurse during the Civil War in Fredericksburg, Virginia. His poem entitled “The Wound Dresser” got its theme from his nursing experience in the battlefield.
  3. According to the World Health Organization, Nepal is one of the countries with the lowest nurse per capita. It only has 5 nurses per 100,000 people.
  4. It was President Nixon who proclaimed a “National Nurse Week” in 1974.
  5. The top occupational health concern of nurses is back injury. A survey done back in 2011 showed that 59% of nurses were afraid they might have this.
  6.  James Derham, a black slave, was “owned” by several doctors working as a nurse. He eventually bought his freedom using his nursing salary and he later became the first African- American physician.
  7. The first Nursing school was established in India in 250 B.C.
  8. The nurse cap is patterned after a nun’s habit to keep the hair neatly in place. Although this clothing item has long been phased out as it is known to carry pathogens, some countries still use this as part of the female nurses’ outfit.

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